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Fortune 1000 telecom management at a fraction of the cost.

Televon will design and manage a telecom strategy which saves money and time.

Quit wasting money and time.

The average company is spending +35% more on telecom services then they should. They are also spending 40+ hours per month reviewing and paying bills, dealing with telecom issues, and waiting on-hold with telecom providers. Staying ahead of your telecom system requires continuous monitoring and management by following these steps:


As your business changes, you need to ensure your telecom services change with you. By analyzing your usage patterns each month, and comparing it to potential service plans, you can see if you are paying for services you don’t need, getting hit with overage charges, or getting billed incorrectly.


Knowing how you use telecom provides the base for evaluating alternative service plans, service providers, and technologies. By strategically looking at your services each month you can be proactive in managing your telecom rather than reacting to telecom issues when they arise.


Once you have a defined strategy (e.g. call and change service plans, collect bids from alternative providers, etc.) you need to engage, and often hound, your service providers in order to execute. This includes following up with them to ensure the changes are fully implemented.

and then do it all again.

Big organization benefits without the expense

Televon’s team of experts deal work with multiple service providers a month, giving them the vast knowledge of what is going on in the telecom world. We leverage that information to make sure you are receiving the most up to date deals. That industry knowledge, paired with our telecom analytic software makes us the best fit to manage your telecom while your employees get back to helping your core business.

Why you need

Televon follows these three steps every single month on your behalf. Through Televon you will take control of your Telecom services and costs, strategically planning for improvements and proactively dealing problems so they don’t become major issues. In addition, Televon has the advantage of working on thousands of services every month with telecom providers. We know who to call, what to ask, and what to expect. Upgrade your telecom management with Televon.

With Televon you’ll get the following:


  Continuous monthly monitoring

  Telecom strategic plan

  Bill auditing and erroring fixing

  Implementation management

  Proactive plan adjustments

  New technology evaluation

  Multiple quote evaluation

  Contract management

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