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Today’s spotlight client is a medium sized industrial equipment distributor, re-seller and warranty service organization. They support transportation and real estate clients across North America and have operations in 15 states. The head of purchasing was getting frustrated with the cost of their cellular services. Like many organizations, they relied on their cellular rep to help contain costs. The rep was helpful, and would suggest certain options, but these never seemed to resolve the underlying problems, just mitigate them for a time.

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In early 2017, this client partnered with Televon on a Telecom Cost Refactoring. In the four months leading up to the engagement, the client was paying an average of $23K per month ($57/device).

Televon, using our industry expertise and analytics suite, devised a new service plan strategy that would not only dramatically reduce their monthly fees, but do so without changing carriers or adding any workload onto the client’s staff. After reviewing and evaluating our recommendations, the client decided to have Televon implement the recommendations in full. The results were amazing. The next month’s bill dropped over $8k (a 36% reduction).

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So what about the long term impact? Is this a short term win where the monthly bill drops for a few months but then starts its slow creep back up? It’s been 7 months since implementation and the average monthly bill remains $14.7k ($36/device).

Are you sure you are getting the best price out there? Let us take a look. Our full analysis and written report is complimentary. If our recommendations aren’t implemented, you don’t owe us anything. It’s risk free and near zero effort for your staff.

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